What is Digital Marketing? Understand with Examples

What is Digital Marketing? Understand with Examples

Do you want to know what is digital marketing all about? Why is it booming nowadays?

Then you have landed to the right place.

What are the methods to advertise a product/service you have seen?

Newspaper ads, TV ads, pamphlet distribution, billboards, facebook pages, google ads, sponsor ads etc.

But not all done with electronic devices. Right?

Definition of Digital Marketing:-

Digital marketing is one of the forms of marketing that helps to promote the products/services of a business(maybe a Local, global, online or offline)  by using the electronic devices.

Digital marketing can be done in 2 ways:-

1.Offline Digital Marketing/Traditional Advertisements

Ex. Radio ads, TV ads, Display led ads etc.

Have a look at this 10 seconds video to understand offline digital marketing.

The same ad is shown on all display screens because traveler will pass a single screen without giving much attention that’s why a long queue is made to increase the brand curiosity but a very few people will be converted to customers. That means company ads are not reaching to targeted potential buyers.

We all can think how much expensive these will be.

These all kind of offline marketing methods are effective and affordable for big brands mostly. Big brands can spend money on both kinds of DM.

If we talk about other kinds of offline DM like TV, radio, newspaper, billboards etc., these are traditional types of digital marketing.

Unfortunately or fortunately, offline digital marketing is about to die. You can understand in details on Neil Patel’s article about Digital marketing where he has explained how traditional marketing is going to die in the future.

2.Online Marketing/Internet Marketing:-

It is said online marketing or internet marketing when digital marketing is done on the internet. Commonly people use digital marketing term for internet marketing.

So now in these blog posts, we will see and use the digital marketing term.

Note:- These pictures are used only for example.

These funny and emotional posts you definitely have seen on Facebook, Whatsapp or any other social media.

This is a kind of influencer or viral marketing where people get hired to make these post by touching the sentiments or humor and viral it on the internet.

We all are internet familiar and according to a survey a person spends 4-6 hrs in a day on the internet.

It will be a more effective promotion way where people are spending their most of the time. That’s why it is booming in this digital era.

With the help of online marketing, we can target the people whom to show our ad and whom not to show.

Generally, people surf the Google, You-tube, Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. So let’s take the example of these.

Introduction/Examples of Digital Marketing:-

  • How Google helps us in Digital marketing to Reach Target Audience:-

    Google knows our many information like

    • what we are searching(Google search engine)
    • Age(Date of birth Gmail account)
    • Contact info.
    • which system we are using
    • location, visited places(Google map)
    • Every video we watch
    • every activity we do(History)
    • apps we use and much more.

So this informations Google uses to show the ad to a targeted person.

  •  How Social Media like Facebook plays an Important Role in Online marketing:-

    Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp have our information. How? and what?

    • Our profile information(Bio)
    • Our likes/dislike(Liked pages, event, post)
    • What we follow(Someone follows Shahrukh Khan)
    • Visited places(People post like traveling to Jaipur, eating at xyz restaurant, watching this..)
    • What we eat, wear, use…
    • Visited websites
    • Hobbies, profession, education….etc.

You might have seen some sponsored ads in your Facebook wall when you last visited any E-commerce website like Amazon, Flipkart or Shopclues.

If you are a student of class 12th then you may see ads related to college, career, courses after 12th, because the advertiser can target the potential customers with help of these plate-forms.

Nowadays Instagram growing rapidly in all social media platforms that’s why small to big brands everyone is promoting their business throw Instagram.

Google and these social media sites literally know everything about us.

Types/Tactics of Digital marketing:-

These are some methods we can target the people who are really looking for the product/service that we sell.

There are various types of digital marketing by using them you can reach to interested/needy people for your product/service and can get great ROI(Return on investments.)

  1. Search Engine Optimization(SEO):-

    There are thousands of websites on the Internet about a particular product/service/blog.

    Ex. Suppose you are an owner of a beauty parlor in Jaipur. So if your website doesn’t appear in Google search results when people are searching for “Best beauty parlor in Jaipur” or appears in below or on next pages. Then having a website is a total waste.

    According to Google, 67% of all the clicks are from the first 5 websites appear on a search result page.

    SEO is a process of getting your website appears top on search engine result page.

  2. Social media marketing:-

    Using social media sites like Facebook, Instagram etc to promote your business and reach out to the target audience with your product/service is social media marketing.

  3. Email marketing:-

    Email marketing is a way of communicating with current and new customers by sending of a commercial message about your product/service, using email. Sending the emails to a potential audience to educate about your product/service and getting leads is considered email marketing.

  4. Search engine marketing/pay per click(PPC):-

    An example is shown in an below picture, where businesses are showing the ads when people are searching for the smartphone under 10000. It is the fast process to reach target audience/potential buyers and instantly achieve good results.

  5. Content marketing:-

    Making your audience more engaged on the website with help of writing effective content. It educates the people about your product/service, makes them interested in your website, motivates and creates trust in your company.
    Like you are looking for a gym then you can find a blog on their site telling about diet plans, nutrition, protein shakes, and exercises.

    Content includes text, images, infographics, and videos.

  6. Affiliate marketing:-

    Affiliate marketing is a process of promoting other company’s product/service. You can see this on many blogs. Many tech bloggers, YouTubers promote the mobile, laptop and gadgets of Amazon, Flipkart etc. Whenever anybody clicks on their affiliate links and purchase any products, they get the commission from those websites. Likewise many tour packages, hotel booking offers, coupons you can see on travel blogs.

  7. Automation and many more.

We will understand each in full details in their respective articles.

Inbound marketing v/s Outbound marketing:-

first, you will know what inbound marketing and what is outbound marketing.

Inbound marketing:-

The main objective of this kind of marketing is to generate leads and drive sales by reaching the targeted audience. Exact specific targeting can be done via internet only that’s why it is another name for internet marketing.

Outbound marketing:-

Outbound marketing is to put a marketing message of your product/service in front of as many people as possible. Like TV ads has no particular targeting, a company invests money in outbound marketing to increase brand awareness. TV, radio ads, newspaper ads, Tele-calling and outdoor advertisements like billboards, led screens ads etc are the examples of outbound marketing.

You can see ad everywhere on the internet whenever a big company launches their product/service.

Ex. You may have seen “Trivago” ad everywhere on TV channels, youtube, sony liv, facebook etc. Nowadays “kwai” app is spending money to reach as many as people. Many companies(like credit care company) used to call people and tell about their service. Sometimes it may behave as irritating to people.

Now the question may arise which one is best?

Ans. Both are best according to marketing budget a company has.

What a Digital Marketer do?/Role of Digital Marketer:-

These all types/tactics of digital marketing used for making an effective strategy for promoting the business by the digital marketer. In DAY3 article we will see careers in digital marketing.

Benefits of Digital Marketing:-

  • Website marketing/traffic:-

    By using digital marketing strategies you can increase the website traffic/visitors. This will create more need of your product/service or educate new people about it. You can also use analytics software to know exact no of visitors website, average time spent, which page is more useful or get visitors attention and which one is needed improvement.

  • Lead generation:-

Suppose you have a product to sell and for selling it you distributed some pamphlets. Now you don’t know how many people showed some interest and how many threw it. But on the website, you can put an inquiry form about your product/service and reach the potential customers. This is lead generation.

  • Affordable:-

Following a digital marketing strategy is very affordable for every size of business. If we compare it to any kind of traditional ads, you will find it very cheap. Every digital marketing tactic can be done free and paid. Paid way of digital marketing also very affordable because it gives instant results and drives sales if implemented properly.

  • Scaling of business:-

Let’s take an example. A shopkeeper who were selling smartphone covers at his physical shop. Now started selling on Amazon, Flipkart. Now he has reached with his products from 5 km nearby area to India or Global level. By adopting these tactics/strategies of digital marketing you can get more sales of your product/service.

What is digital marketing: Overview/Conclusion:-

Digital marketing works for every kind of business whether it is B2B(Business to Business) or B2C(Business to consumer)

Imp>> Only thing is to understand the steps a customer follow before making the buying decision and accordingly make effective digital marketing strategy.

I hope now you all know meaning and basics of digital marketing and how it plays an important role in the growth of a business.

Now you know there is a lot of scop in fastest growing field digital marketing if you think for the job(Companies are waiting for you) and starting a new start-up or scaling a running business.

In next article we will understand the Best way to Learn Digital Marketing for beginners to expert. Get benefited while learning it.

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