Facebook Domain Unblocking Service – 100% Guarantee – Pay After Work Done

Facebook and Instagram blocked your website domain URL. What to do now? How to unblock it?

Facebook showing you 2 long lines message that your URL does not follow community guidelines and standards etc.

Don’t worry!

I am Hari Shankar Pansari, a Facebook marketing expert and helped 100s of people to get their sites unblocked.

Let’s see some of the points first why it gets blocked by Facebook?

  • Your competitors or haters reported your shared URL post to Facebook multiple times with a few different Facebook accounts. In this situation Facebook blocks it.
  • Excessive sharing your website URLs on Facebook.

It really irritates badly and harms our business because Facebook and Instagram don’t let us share the URL anywhere in messenger, page, group, etc.

So In this situation, I will unblock your website URL with a 100% guarantee. You can pay me after the work done.

Things I will need from your side are:-

  • Blocked website URL.
  • Send me a friend request on Facebook
  • Here is my Facebook profile link >> https://www.facebook.com/harishankarpansari123
  • Make me editor of your website related Facebook page. Because I will have to connect with the Facebook team regarding your website so that I will have to show them that I am the editor of this website’s Facebook page.

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