Boost Your Career in Digital Marketing – Fastest Growing Field

Boost Your Career in Digital Marketing – Fastest Growing Field

we will discuss here why digital marketing?

What is the scope of digital marketing?

How can you get a good salary job offer by learning digital marketing?

Future of digital marketing?

How to promote your business online?

How to earn money online?…etc.

If you want to know the answer to such kind of questions then read the blog completely.

For starting it I want to tell you my story of choosing digital marketing field after completed from a central India’s Govt. college IIIT Jabalpur with Electronics and Communication(ECE) branch.

When I was a first-year student I always used to search online ways to earn money online and tried some ways but couldn’t find 100% genuine method.

Likewise, a complete year was passed. Now I was in the 2nd year, I started feeling boring in ECE subjects and I couldn’t leave my graduation in between because of my parent’s expectations.

My seniors advised me to prepare for GATE or programming languages because of only IT companies used to visit campus for placements. Then I learned Java but I was not able to grasp the concepts.

I was a good online searcher that is the only skill I was having. I have the hobby of reading about the revenue model of a different kind of online startups.

In 3rd year I started thinking a startup idea that can be implemented with my pocket money.

So I made a Facebook page Latest Offers n Deals and did a market research of my concept. I arranged some little money then I thought to make the website to implement the idea.

I learned some basic front end languages and edited a theme and for the back end, I asked for help from a friend and finally launched the website.

For 1 year I promoted it in my college and reached the break-even point. And after that, I saw the decrement of traffic on my website just because of my competitors. Many friends found my competitor’s website more useful. This was my failure story.

Then I did research online and went to know about competitive analysis, Search engine, social media, and complete digital marketing tactics and how these can help me to improve the user experience(UX) and convert a website visitor into regular customers.

Then I chose digital marketing as a career option.

Scope and career in digital marketing:-

The digital advertising is booming in India after Demonetization, JIO launch and increased spend time on the internet. Digital marketing is quite a new industry with lots of job and business opportunities.

It is the fastest growing industry and this is the right time enter in it.

A few years ago MBA and Engineering was a great career option, but now you can see the condition of both streams. Only quantity is being produced rather than quality.

So enter in digital marketing industry before you get late and regret.

Digital marketing is the only skill in which can be started to learn after 12, during college, after college and while running a business anytime. If it learned properly then definitely it will give the best results.

The only thing which is required is practising and testing while learning.

It is a set of many skills so if you master any of those your chances are high to stand up high in the competition.

Top 5 logics for making a career in digital marketing:-

1. Job perspective – Over 20 lacs jobs in the field of digital marketing by 2020:-

According to popular newspapers like Dainik Bhaskar and times of India articles over 20 lacs jobs are expected by 2020 and beyond.

Don’t believe on me, DIY(Do it yourself) search for yourself on the job listing websites like,,, and many more.

Few Job profiles, responsibilities, and salaries are listed below.

There are 3 stages of a particular kind of digital marketing skill.

  1. Executive
  2. Associate
  3. Manager/specialist/Team-leader

This is the only field where the growth rate is highest and job guarantee with 100% security. You can observe around you, there are so many people not happy with their current job and switching in the career of Digital marketing.

In my another blog article, we saw the different types of digital marketing. Becoming an expert in any skill will land your career in internet marketing industry. let’s how?

  1. Search Engine Optimization(SEO):- It is the process of bringing our webpage on top of search results. Everyone has the habit to choose the results from the first page. We know Google shows millions of results for a search query and there a lot of results in next pages mostly nobody visits those. Optimizing the results is the job of SEO.
    Job Profile Salary Range
    SEO Intern5k – 10k
    SEO Executive10k – 15k
    SEO Associate/Moderator15k – 25k
    SEO Manager25k – 40k
  2. Social media marketing(SMO):- Understanding the working of different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest etc. and then build marketing strategy from choosing the right platform to drive the traffic(visitors) to our website and convert them into leads.
    Social Media Intern5k – 10k
    Social Media Moderator/ Executive10k – 20k
    Social Media Specialist/Consultant/Community Manager20k – 30k
  3. Search Engine Marketing(SEM)/PPC/Adwords:- An AdWords expert works with clients who want to start an advertising campaign on Google for promoting their products or services.
    Search Ads Expert25k – 30k
    Display Ads Expert25k – 30k
    Adwords experts30k – 45k
  4. Content writing/marketing:- Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.
    SEO Content Writer15k – 20k
    E-commerce Content Writer15k – 25k
    Web Copywriter20k – 30k
    Content Marketing Consultant/ Specialist25k – 40k
  5. Email Marketing:- Designing Email, Creating the email list and set automation of sending email to list members, subscribers, and customers.
    Email marketing specialist15k – 35k
  6. Analytics:- Analysing the results after implementing the digital marketing strategies and then making it better is the job role of an analyst.
    Analyst20k – 35k

As we know digital marketing is booming in India because internet users are increasing day by day that’s why there is a huge scope of digital marketing.

Note:- Above salary package may vary according to experience, knowledge, organization etc.  I am again telling you this is the right time to grab the opportunity to make the career in digital marketing.

2. Business perspective – Digital marketing can help you grow your business(of any size):-

If you want to start a new business of any kind or running a business of any level, You need Internet marketing strategy to make it scalable.

Example of how people are taking advantage of online marketing to grow their business.

Now a days small shop owners are selling their products online on E-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and many more. Sellers are able to sell their goods while sleeping. The Internet has helped them to open their shop for 24hrs.

Restaurants are serving their food on Zomato, Swiggy, Uber-Eats etc.

Drivers, riders are well connected with transportation apps like Uber, Ola, Swadeshi Taxi etc.

Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers and like a mini services people are working with Housejoy, Bro4u etc.

Shop owners, Salons, Restaurants, Schools, Coachings, and every kind of local businesses are making their online presence on Google My Business, Google Map, Justdial so that they can be found to their potential customers.

Many people are running their online e-commerce, promoting their local business on social media like on the Facebook page, adding and retaining customers with the help of Whatsapp and many more examples and ways are there.

If you want to know the benefits of digital marketing then read our this article

Thousands of businesses are leveraging the digital marketing and you can also use digital marketing to skyrocket your business.

Q. How to use digital marketing to grow my business?

Ans. Identify your user’s need and find those targeted customers online and reach them accordingly.

Q. Do I need a website or app to go online with my business?

Ans. Depends on the business type.

If local business then you can make a free Google site, Google my business and social media platforms are enough but being on these channels are not enough you have to learn the strategy of every platform. How to set up effectively and get more attention than your competitor etc. As the business grows it is suggested to make a paid website that you can get done from our web development company Docarto Web.

3. Become a Professional Blogger and Earn Money Online without disturbing current Profession:-

Blogging is the best way to learn digital marketing because it is easy to implement and no needed much money to make it successful.

Q. What is a blog?

Ans. A blog is a kind of website where you can share your knowledge, experiences, stories ideas etc.

Q. What are the ways you can earn by blogging?

Ans. You can earn in many ways like Adsense, affiliate marketing, review products, sponsorship etc.

You can start it in your free time and work for it 5-8 hours a week. As you start getting quality traffic and results then you can go for full time.

If you want to get a job then learn digital marketing by blogging and then show results to the interviewer that will definitely get you a good job.

4. Career in Digital Marketing as a YouTuber:-

I will recommend you to go through to complete video because it will also tell you why YouTube is the next big opportunity.

As you know many people are searching for their answers on YouTube than Google because Video gives a humanized touch, creates trust and better understanding.

That’s why there is a huge opportunity as a YouTuber.

Right now YouTube is a second largest search engine after Google. You can check it on

Many top digital marketers have made a prediction that it will come on no. 1 search engine in upcoming 2 years.

Q. How to start?

Ans. You just have to make quality videos for your audience.

A quality video doesn’t mean HD video with high-figh audio and graphics. You can start with your smartphone to record it and can use simple free screen recording and video editing software. Quality mean is only providing value to your audience.

Q. How you can earn money with YouTube by using the digital marketing strategy?

Ans. Adsense, Sponsorship, Afffiliate etc.

5. Start working as a freelancer or open a digital marketing company:-

There are so many freelancing websites like, people per hour,, upwork where you can get orders for managing digital marketing channels.

You can approach small business owners to manage their digital marketing channels, campaigns etc.

For getting started as a freelancer or digital marketing company/agency is required in-depth knowledge and experience then easily you can get business.

There are a lot of jobs, business opportunity in the field of digital marketing. It all depends on you what is your choice.

There are so many other kinds of work can be done by learning digital marketing. Like dropshipping, becoming an Influencer.


I hope now you are aware of different fields of making a career by learning digital marketing from job opportunity to business, blogging to youtube etc.

So there is a lot of scopes and good future in the field of digital marketing in terms of scaling a business, starting a new start-up, getting a good job salary package or starting the journey as a freelancer and much more.

If you have anything to ask or suggest then feel free to comment below.

Quote of the day:- Every journey of thousand miles start with a single step. Always keep Smiling 🙂

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